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Corporate Sponsorship

We are grateful that businesses and places of work want to support our work. We are looking to work with more businesses and work places to help us with innovative & skills, promoting our charity and work, and helping us to fund raise. 

How your business or place of work can help us:

  • Nominate Borderlands to be your charity of the year

  • One-off financial donation - whether this is from your Christmas giving or a fundraising event

  • Regular financial donation - this really helps us with our long-term planning

  • Pro-bono work ( eg. marketing, consultation )

  • Organise fundraising events 

  • Promote our work and support needs to your networks

  • Offer discounted products for our members

  • Offer products or merchandise for fundraising 

  • Offer discounted training or support

We offer businesses that support our work:

  • Materials and information on our charity and work

  • Presentations, trainings or workshops on our charity and work

  • Promotion of your support and business to our networks

If you would like to support us please get in touch by contacting our director, Susanna Revolti at 

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