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Susanna Revolti

Meet our staff team

We have a fantastic staff team of passionate, committed and experienced people. They each love to work with our volunteers and members to ensure refugees, asylum seekers and other vulnerable migrants have a place to belong in their new communities. 
We have over 100 volunteers who offer their time, skills and energy to support our members and community. We love the commitment that our volunteers give! 

Susanna Revolti

Ciao! My name is Susanna and I am originally from Italy. I joined Borderlands in 2017 where I managed the Mentoring Project for 4 years. In September 2021 I was appointed CEO at Borderlands.ds.

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Sezab Idris 

Hello! My name is Sezab Idris I am originally from Sudan. I have been in Bristol since 2009 and I started working with refuge and asylum seekers from 2017.

Welcome and Member Participation Officer

Imogen Franklin

Hello! My name is Imy and I am originally from East Sussex. I joined Borderlands in August 2022 as the Learning Projects Manager, overseeing the Borderlands ESOL classes taught by our fantastic volunteers!

Learning Project Manager

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Maddie Bridgewater

Hello! my name in Maddie, I moved to Bristol in 2019 from East Sussex. I moved into the charity sector wanting to make a positive impact with in the local community and joined the Borderlands team in April 2023 as the Administration and Communications Officer.

Administraion and Communication Officer

Caitlin Plunkett

Hello! My name is Caitlin and I am originally from Bristol. In August 2021 I was appointed the position of Operations Manager here at Borderlands.  

Operations Manager

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Francisco Salgado

Hello! My name is Francisco Salgado and I’m from Cordoba, Argentina. After more than two years working for Borderlands, I now Coordinate the drop in and its activities working closely to the Operations Manager. It is a pleasure and an everyday challenge to serve the refugee and asylum seeker community in Bristol.

Operations Coordinator

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Olivia Lamont Bishop

Hello! My name is Olivia and along with Anna I am one of the Mentoring Managers at Borderlands. I have been a Mentor and Team Leader for the Mentoring Project for the last couple of years.

Mentoring Manager

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Anna Giulia Perego 

Hello! My name is Anna and I joined the mentoring team at Borderlands in February 2023. I have 9 years of experience working in the migrant solidarity sphere and previously worked as a caseworker at Room to Heal in London.

Mentoring Manager

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Our trustees

We are grateful to have dedicated and passionate trustees. 

Andrew Bent | Kimberlee Carstensen | Nick Tarr - Vice Chair | Cynthia Ochieng |

Rev Richard Mckay - Chair | Patrick McAlees | Bernard Morris

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