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Our History

Borderlands has been supporting refugees, asylum seekers and those with insecure immigration status since 2011. 

Borderlands is a charity working alongside asylum seekers, refugees, migrants with unsettled status. Established in 2011, the charity emerged from the Christian mission of St Nicholas of Tolentino Church in Easton, a deprived and diverse inner-city area.


We work with people of all faiths and none. Our values of Warmth, Sharing, Dignity and Respect were informed by a wide consultation with our members (asylum seekers and refugees), staff, volunteers and trustees.

Our Values


Borderlands is a place and community  for genuine relationships that creates the warmth-feeling similar to friendships and family. 


Borderlands is a place where we share with each other and help one another.


Borderlands is a place where everyone is recognised as an individual and embraced with dignity and we strive for justice and dignity in the world.

Respect Everyone

Borderlands is a place where individual and group identities are respected and celebrated.


Our Vision

We have a vision for a world where refugees and asylum seekers can seek sanctuary and justice, can make full use of their talents and abilities, feel valued for their contributions, and build worthwhile lives.

We want to help refugees, asylum seekers and those with insecure immigration from exclusion to belonging.

Our Mission

Our mission is to serve the disadvantaged and marginalised, focusing on asylum seekers, refugees and those with insecure immigration status, primarily in the wider Bristol area, by: 

Enhancing their social inclusion and wellbeing,

Supporting those in poverty,

Raising awareness of their needs and experiences among the wider community.


We work with people regardless of race, disability, sex, age, religious belief or sexual orientation. We create a welcoming community where we support people on their way of securing 'leave to remain' and enhance social inclusion and wellbeing.

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