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Spring Newsletter 2024

"As the flowers bloom and the days grow longer, we're excited to share the latest updates and highlights from Borderlands.


From heartwarming stories to exciting events, this newsletter is filled with the spirit of community and hope. Join us as we reflect on the past season's achievements and look forward to the bright opportunities ahead."


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Winter Newsletter 2023

"What a year 2023 has been - with numerous mass displacement events worldwide and an increasingly hostile environment here in the UK. At Borderlands, while we follow this all with heavy hearts, we also try to remain positive and continue to offer safe, warm, welcoming environments to those who need it. Here, we reflect back on what we've achieved this year."


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Summer Newsletter 2023

"As the warmth of summer bathes our days, it has brought us joyous moments and celebration, but it has also put us to the test. The passage of the Illegal Migration Bill and the decisions surrounding refugee and asylum rights has challenged us in many ways. Yet, amid these challenges, a beacon of unity and resilience shines. In Bristol, Borderlands has stood strong, weaving a tapestry of heartwarming activities, member-led initiatives, and unforgettable trips."


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Spring Newsletter 2023

"As we embrace the arrival of spring with longer days and warmer sunshine, we extend our warmest wishes to everyone during this delightful season. We have lots of exciting new projects on the horizon, and we're thrilled to welcome some fresh faces to the Borderlands team. Dive into our newsletter to learn more!"


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Winter Newsletter 2022

"In the past year, Borderlands have not only reopened its doors and relaunched face to face activities, but we have also re-developed our drop-in space, introduced our new popular social supermarket, offered new wellbeing and health activities and trained new teams of fantastic and committed volunteers, most of whom are Borderlands members themselves!"


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Summer Newsletter 2022

"Over the past 6 months Borderlands has cautiously been re-opening its face-to-face services to our members! The English classes are filling up, the drop-in Welcome Centre has flung is doors open while mentoring continues to support a huge range of our members all across Bristol."


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Christmas Newsletter 2021

Holiday Greeting from Borderlands!

"Another Christmas is upon us and at Borderlands we want to share with you what has been going on in our community. This is a very special time of the year in which we hope for a better future, we recharge our batteries and get ready for the year ahead."


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October Newsletter 2021

Our team is growing and there have been some changes within Borderlands! In this newsletter we also explain all our current services and how Covid-19 continues to affect our work.


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April Newsletter 2021

Find our latest newsletter here! Including our Covid-19 response and update on our work. 


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