English Classes

The great majority of our members do not have English as their mother tongue, and many have not had the chance to study English before.  Most providers had to close their classes during the height of the pandemic, and so our members’ needs have become even greater than before.  During the lockdown, we managed to run some online teaching for those able to access it, but we all agree that face- to- face teaching in a class is more effective, fun, and socially inclusive for all concerned!

Sow now we are back: our teaching spaces are newly refurbished and equipped, and we have wonderful volunteer teachers in the teaching team :)

What level of English we teach? 


We focus on basic language and literacy skills for the members in greatest need of help.  Groups are small so that it is easier to offer individual support to each learner.


At the moment we run classes every Monday and Tuesday. However, we have new referrals every week and we would like to start new groups as soon as we can recruit more volunteers to the teaching team.   


It’s an exciting time for us all, as we get back to doing what we do best: enabling our members to become part of the wider community.

Want to learn about our work and refugees & asylum seekers?

Contact our Education Manager, Sara on 07563029027 or sara@borderlands.org.uk or