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Our housing work gives newly-granted refugees safe and secure accommodation whilst they find their feet and build independent lives.


When people receive their refugee status there is a high certainty that they become destitute through no fault of their own. They are no longer entitled to asylum support and housing and often not considered priority for local authority housing.


We believe that people deserve to have stability and safety whilst they navigate new and complex systems and should not be forced into destitution .

We provide safe and secure accommodation for a small handful of refugees at any one time. Our tenants are able to stay with us for 6-12 months so they can use our house as a springboard into independence. We offer all our tenants one to one support from our mentoring work during this period to help with their transition. 

Some of our previous tenants have gone onto to creating their own companies or attend university. We love seeing how our housing work has supported so many skilled people into establishing their own future

Got more questions? Our Project Administrator, Marta Reina would be happy to help!  (

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