Our Drop-in is an open, safe space for asylum seekers and refugees to make connections and build community. All our varied activities that we hold during our Drop-in help our members to establish belonging in their new home in Bristol. 


Our Drop-in runs every Monday from 9.30am to 12.30pm and Tuesday from 9.30am to 2pm and includes:
Breakfast bar

  • ​We provide a free breakfast bar all morning to make sure our members have access to a nutritious breakfast. We want to ensure our members are able to start the week with a healthy breakfast so they can focus in class and their week ahead!

Destitution support

  • We provide £10 to our members experiencing destitution for a limited number of weeks from our destitution fund. We want to ensure our members have the means to look after themselves whilst they are in a crisis so they can focus on accessing support and advice to get out of crisis.   

  • We provide access to hot showers, towels and toiletries to our members who find themselves rough sleeping. We want our members to feel dignity in their community. 

  • We provide food parcels of donated groceries to our members. We want to make sure our members and their families on low-income or those who are destitute have access to quality food each week!

English classes

  • We provide English classes  with volunteer professional language teachers. We want to ensure our members are able to access English classes so they can participate in their new communities. 

  • Our English classes are Pre-Entry, Entry 1, Entry 2, and Entry 3

On Tuesdays we also offer:

Community meal

  • We provide a shared lunch to make sure our members have access to at least 1 hot meal a week. We want to ensure our members are able to get the warm food they need and share community over the common language of food!

Signposting support

  • We provide practical signposting support to our members who present us with their challenges or concerns. We want to ensure our members have access to the right information and support services to help them as they navigate the complex asylum and immigration systems. 

External partners

  • We welcome a range of external organisations and services to speak to our members about their activities or hold workshops during the drop-in. We love working with others to give our members a full range of activities and support!

  • We regularly welcome The Haven (medical support), Bristol Herbalists without Borders, community music groups and osteopaths to our drop-in. 


Feeling inspired to help our drop-in?

Got more questions? Our drop-in manager, Steve Owen would be happy to help!  (steve@borderlands.uk.com)