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Climate Coalition

Linking Climate Change and Migration:

Borderlands joins the Climate Coalition!


We are very excited to announce that Borderlands has joined the Climate Coalition!

The Climate Coalition is a national network of organisations united in the campaign to fight climate change, through celebrating our love of the environment and through political lobbying for climate action.
The vast majority of Borderlands members come from regions that are both already effected by climatic changes and are on course to see severe change in the coming years and decades, impacting vital recourses such as water and food as well as social, economic and political stability. The link between climate change and migration is clear and already forcing thousands on the move every year. 
Unless we take immediate strong and appropriate action, the UK, Europe and the rest of the world will be seeing far greater numbers of people in need of support and sanctuary.
As a charity that works with refugees and asylum seekers, and an organisation with the responsibility and ability to organise, we feel it is our duty to join the fight against climate change.


Our citizens and organisations, we urge you to join us in the struggle!
Please read more about the climate coalition here.

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